Babara kanda water fall

Bambarakanda waterfall is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Situated in the hill town of Kalupahana near Haldumulla in the south eastern slopes of central hills. The area around Bambarakanda is rich with scenic beauty, rugged terrain, waterfalls, tea fields and cool climate making it an attractive destination for nature lovers.

Colombo -> Ratnapura -> Balangoda -> Kalupahana (left turn from Colombo – Badulla highway [A4] at Kalupahana, between 172nd and 173rd km post & Drive 5km) -> Bambarakanda Rest

1. Hiking – There are plenty of trails to waterfalls and mountain peaks. They are Trail to Lanka Ella waterfall, Trail to the top of Bambarakanda waterfall, Trail to Uduwara and Nagadowa waterfalls and Wangedigala and Gonamale rocky mountain peak hike.
2. Beautiful Landscape – The view all around is pretty beautiful including the mighty Bambarakanda falls and the surrounding hills
3. 4WD - Jeep track to Horton Plain via Devil’s Staircase
4. Natural Bath – Cool Bath in the Natural Pool complex known as “Seven Basins” or the natural pools at top and bottom of Bambarakanda falls